About 中文

I’m now an Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science and Technology, School of Informatics, Xiamen University. I received my PhD degree on computer science from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019 supervised by Prof. Yiu-ming Cheung and received my bachelor and master degree on software engineering from University of Macau in 2012 and 2014, supervised by Prof. Yuan Yan Tang. I was a research intern at Tencent in 2018. My research interest includes artificial intelligence, machine learning. My research direction is trustworthy deep learning, including long-tail learning, federated learning, label-noise learning and continual learning.

For undergraduate students, please check 本科招生简章. For postgraduate students, please check 硕士招生简章.

There is still a few postgraduate quota in Fall 2025. Please contact me ASAP. 

Recent News

  • Apr 17 2024: One paper about long-tailed continual learning is accepted by IJCAI . Congrats to Chenxing!
  • Dec 27 2023: Receive Xiaomi Youth Scholar Award.
  • Dec 9 2023: Three AAAI papers are accepted!
  • Aug 24 2023: One NSFC general project is granted.
  • July 14 2023: One paper about long-tailed label-noise learning is accepted by ICCV . Congrats to Yiliang!
  • Mar 28 2023: Congrats to Xinyi for receiving the PhD offer from UCL supported by UCL-CSC scholarship!
  • Feb 28 2023: One paper about long-tailed learning is accepted by CVPR. Congrats to Yan!
  • Apr 21 2022: One paper about long-tailed federated learning is accepted by IJCAI. Congrats to Xinyi!
  • Dec 24 2020: One Zhejiang Lab open project is granted.
  • Sep 18 2020: One NSFC youth project is granted.
  • Sep 11 2020: One provincial general project is granted.
  • Mar 12 2020: Teach for one semester at Xiamen University Malaysia.
  • Dec 10 2019: Join the Center for PAMI at Xiamen University.

Research Interests

  • Long-tail learning
  • Federated learning
  • Noisy-label learning
  • Continual learning
  • Visual prompt learning

Supervised Students

  • Pinxin Qian (2020-2023, Employed in Alibaba): Federated learning
  • Xinyi Shang (2020-2023, Pursuing PhD at UCL): Federated learning
  • Yiliang Zhang (2021-2024, Employed in Alibaba): Label-noise learning
  • Yan Jin (2021-2024, Pursuing PhD at BUAA): Long-tail learning
  • Xiaolin Huang (2021-2024, Employed in JD): Semi-supervised learning
  • Fengling Lv (2021-2024, Employed in Xiaomi): Federated learning
  • Chengbin Zheng (2021-2024, Employed in CATL): Graph neural networks
  • Chenxing Hong (2022-): Continual learning
  • Lin Chen (2022-): Federated learning
  • Liyuan Wang (2022-): Long-tail learning
  • Yijie Liu (2023-): Federated learning
  • Shanshan Yan (2023-): Federated learning
  • Yizhou Chen (2023-): Semi-supervised learning
  • Hezhao Liu (2023-): Continual learning
  • Shu Chen (2023-): Label-noise learning
  • Zenghui Huang (2024-): Long-tail learning
  • Ruichi Zhang (2024-): Long-tail learning
  • Junpeng Chen (2024-): Long-tail learning
  • Shihao Hou (2024-): Federated learning